Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chocolate :)

I love chocolate! I don’t love all chocolate. I like a lot of it, some of it is ok, and some of it I love. I wouldn’t say I’m a chocolate snob, but more of an elitist. If there is nothing else to be had, no name chocolates and very milky milk chocolates are better than no chocolate at all. Hershey’s chocolate falls in the middle of the spectrum. All of their chocolate is good. Their dark chocolate is the best thing that they have to offer. Other higher end brands of chocolate are even better. The best of all chocolates is the dark chocolate. I’m not talking about more than 75%, that is borderline no sugar baking chocolate. However, a nice 60% is just about right.
Another kind of chocolate that I love is Oaxaca chocolate. This doesn’t really compare on any level with manufactured chocolates and overall has a different texture and taste. So next time you are in Oaxaca Mexico go downtown to a small shop called Mayordomo. There you can buy prepackaged chocolate or order fresh. Maybe you like your chocolate with less sugar, how about some cinnamon or almonds in the mix. Then you can watch as they grind the whole cacao bean, add sugar, grind in cinnamon and almonds. Then transfer the gooey chocolaty goodness into a bag for you. Nothing quite compares to a spoonful of chocolate just made. When you get home you will want to spread it out for it will harden in the next day. Traditionally this chocolate is used for making hot chocolate, but I eat it plain. You may have had Abuelita chocolate, it comes in a hexagonal yellow box with a picture of a grandma drinking hot chocolate. This is similar, but ever so much better.
I was inspired to write to you about chocolate because I saw an article detailing the health benefits of eating chocolate. I am usually a discerning, individual who actively looks for holes in arguments. Chocolate is my blind spot. It doesn’t take an article to convince me that chocolate is good for you. I already know that. It merely gives me something to spout to the unbelievers. So eat some chocolate, pick your favorite kind. I have a large costco size bag of chocolate chips in my refrigerator. Its purpose is partially for baking, but mostly for eating by the handful. So I’m going to go fill a small, or maybe a medium sized cup with chocolate chips snuggle into my couch and read a good book.


  1. Yep! Mayordomo is about the best. Although I've come to really appreciate Ghirardelli chocolate chips.