Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moments of AWESOME

Neil Pasricha has written two books: The Book of AWESOME and The Book of Even More AWESOME. In these two books he writes short paragraphs about life's pleasures which are AWESOME. I get awesome updates sent to my email. Check out his website: http://www.1000awesomethings.com/ My favorite one for this week talked about the point in a book, where you can no longer put it down. I like to call it the point of no return. I love books that have this point. The bad part is that I inevitably hit it around midnight and have to stay up past two in order to finish the book.

In the last several days I have had several moments of AWESOME. This weekend I had many moments that were AWESOME. I went to CONduit 21 which is a fantasy/scifi convention held yearly. Many authors attended including Tracy Hickman and L. E. Modesitt Jr. I sat in on several panels discussing things such as writing a great villain, women characters in fantasy, and streamlining your writing. One of my favorite lectures was given by Tracy Hickman. He talked about the 8 archtypical characters and how in good movies and books you can always these 8 characters. I also went to Tracy Hickman's Killer Breakfast. No food was involved. It was a role playing game with audience participation required. It was a mix of improv, the whim of the Dungeon Master, a musical, and the inevitable death of your character. It was a rolicking good time. I enjoyed seeing all of the interesting costumes wandering around. There were elves of all kinds, pirates, caped individuals, Star Wars characters and other characters of the imagination. AWESOME!

My other AWESOME moment happened yesterday evening. I just got off of work. It was misting with a glow of sun. A double rainbow arched in front of the mountains. Scientifically you can explain a rainbow as the reflection of light off of droplets of water. This to me is a sterile view of a rainbow. A rainbow is made up of 7 translucent colors. It gives the appearance of being solid, but at the same time is ephemeral. I don't want to look away because it may be gone in a moment. The remarkable aspect of this rainbow was the snow on the mountains visible through the rainbow. The snow and rainbow merged together creating what I imagine a portal into fluffy heavenly realms would look like. I could almost see winged unicorns appearing and sliding down the rainbow. The Biblical explanation for the rainbow resonates more with me than the scientific. According to the Bible a rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to humankind that he will never send a worldwide flood, wiping out all the peoples of the earth again. The rainbow as a promise describes to me more of the essence of a rainbow than the clinically scientific one. AWESOME!

What are some of your moments of AWESOME!

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