Monday, October 17, 2011


It is mid October. Ghoulish masks fill the aisles of the stores and orange frosted cupcakes tempt the unwary shopper. Crisp mornings with the tang of mulching leaves, followed by warm glowing afternoons signal the changes of seasons. Fall brings pumpkins, candy corn, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving celebrations, and long sleeved shirts. The hillsides cover themselves with hues of red, orange, yellow and green. Flocks of birds fly overhead, squawking noisily.
Many people love this season. They love wearing the muted fall colors and carving pumpkins. Dressing up for Halloween and taking the little ones trick or treating brings back fond memories of childhood. Others watch fall creep over the land with dread. The cooler days not only indicate that summer is past, but that winter is fast upon its heals. All they see is icy roads, getting up early to scrape the snow off the windshield, and cold.
Fall is a transitional season. It makes way for the end of another year. I grew up where we didn't have four seasons. Our seasons were rainy and dry season. There were no changing leaves and although the nights cooled down the days resurrected toasty as ever. For me the changing of the season is miraculous. There are things I love about all of them. Part of me dreads the coming of winter, another part of me mourns the passing of summer. I love the rich scent in the air. I like the outward manifestation of the passing of time. I greatly anticipate Thanksgiving. I would like to host it at my house, but I just can't think of a way to get more than a hand full of people into my house. I like soaking up the last bits of warmth from the sun.
What are some of the things that you enjoy most about this season?


  1. Oh fun, I miss fall- it is Spring time here in the Southern Hemisphere. I got a double winter and a double spring this year- decided to skip summer and fall.

  2. I love spring, but two winters not so sure about that. Although I'm not quite sure how much a difference Ecuador sees in the seasons.

  3. I like the fall and I wished I lived where there was a real fall. Things are cooling down here now and it is pretending like it's fall, but... Some day I'll live in a place where fall really falls.