Saturday, January 21, 2012


A couple of days ago a picture came across my Facebook news feed. This picture depicted fluffy looking pink goo that could be strawberry soft serve ice cream, colored lard, or whipped topping of some kind. The caption said that the pink goo was in fact the primary ingredient in McDonalds chicken products such as chicken nuggets and patties. It further stated that all the parts of the chicken including bones get ground up to make this pink product. I did no research to investigate whether or not this picture is real or just something to gross people out and keep them from eating at McDonalds.
I don't eat fast food very often and when I do I usually frequent Subway. Last night, however, I needed an easy dinner and I drove by an In N Out. I have always enjoyed In N Out in the past and it had been a while since I ate at one so I stopped. While I waited for my cheeseburger and fries I watched the goings on in the kitchen. There were no counters or structures of any kind blocking my view of everything going on in the kitchen. I watched one employee take a real potato. He put it into this machine, pulled a lever and made french fries. On the other side of the kitchen some ladies were putting together hamburgers and I saw a block of real cheese. It is possible that it was pre sliced as I was a little bit distant from it, but you could tell that it was cheese like you or I would buy at the grocery store, not the kind with each individual slice wrapped in plastic. I also noticed how happy the employees seemed. I heard snatches of conversation, laughter and a general jovialness. It felt like a friendly kitchen, one that I would like to walk into and volunteer to cut the tomatoes.
I don't know if my In N Out experience yesterday is standard to all In N Out's, but I enjoyed myself. It felt like a fast food place that could easily double as your friend's kitchen. I'd like to thank all those employees who were working there yesterday for a pleasant experience and thanks to all of you out there who are in service related jobs who come to work with a smile and a cheerful attitude. I notice and appreciate it and it makes my day a little bit better.