Monday, April 9, 2012

What color would you be?

Spring is in full bloom. Everything is excited to have the warmth back. Flowers are blossoming, trees are breaking out into flower, followed by tiny, new green leaves. Grass is beginning to come alive. Birds sing in the trees, on your window sill, and on the telephone wire. The days are longer and people are enjoying early evening walks at the park or a stroll around the neighborhood. Families of bikers take up residential streets catching late afternoon rays. White skin with the pallor of winter is debuting everywhere as sunbathers seek to expose as much skin to the sun as might be considered decent. Spring has truly arrived.
I love flowers and one of my favorite parts of spring is watching barren flower beds blossom into many colors and types of flowers. My favorite bulbs are tulips. One spring when I was in college some of my friends and I were discussing the various flowers and grasses that are consumable. We decided to try a tulip. We picked only one and each took a petal. Initially it tasted green like any other sort of flower might taste, but afterwards tasted extremely bitter and unpleasant. We went back inside and ate lots of chocolate to cleanse our palates of the nasty flavor. I love the way deserts flower. One day the desert is barren and the next it is wearing a multicolored robe of flowers. This is a video my dad sent me showing time lapse photography of flowers. If I were a spring flower I would be a bright red tulip with a yellow center. If you were a spring flower what color would you be?


  1. I was particularly fascinated by the small blue blooms on the stalk. Do you know what type of flower that was?

  2. I'd be one of the little purple flowers that make the grass pretty. I think it's weed, but it's beautiful.