Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smooshie's Subway Account

My name is Smooshie. I am a delightful plush frog with delightful bright blue hair. I'm taking this chance while Kristin is busy to write about my adventures so you get the real story. I am the designated mascot of the Subway hike this year. Subway is a canyoneering route just outside of Zion's National Park. It involves rappels and swimming and many photo opportunities. I rode most of the way on Kristin's pack, but I got my share of the adventures.

First I would like to address my name. There was some discussion of what I should be called. I wanted to be called Captain Walker D. Plank. One of the humans had nearly smooshed a frog the night before and therefore I ended up with the ignominous name of Smooshie. To make matters worse, no one could remember it. I was often called Squashy, Squishy and sometimes just Froggie. I did forgive much of this trouble with my name because of all the nice kisses I received from beautiful women. Humans have a strange fairy tale about a frog turning into a prince when kissed by a princess. Therefore, I was fortunate enough to get kissed often throughout the trip.
The first rappel was quite exciting. I was nearly overcome with fear. Twenty feet might not feel like far to a human, but to a frog, it is quite the distance. After that first one I looked forward to the other ones. I grew to enjoy them very much. I liked that most of them ended in water. I love being in water!
I had a delightful lunch, but would have liked some flies instead of sandwiches and a fruit roll up.
The very best part was swimming in all the pools. I didn't appreciate all the splashes from the large humans, but I found some nice pools in which to lounge. In one pool I encountered a beautiful lady frog. We shared a soulful stare, but alas the lady declined to join me in my adventures and we parted. I will carry with me the beauty of her eyes and the charming hue of her skin. I believe I saw her blinking back tears when I left, after all I'm quite the dashing gentlefrog.
Over all I had a delightful trip. The loud bumbling humans took prodigious care of me even though I could have taken care of myself quite well.


  1. Smooshie, I would have thought that you wouldn't have even bothered with a rappel for just a mere 20 feet. One simple jump should have done it easily enough. Maybe when you grow up you'll discover your strengths that humans just don't share with us frog kind. But I do admit you're a handsome frog, I'm sure you'll attract more than your share of interest.


    Uncle Frogmouth

  2. Dear Uncle Frogmouth,

    I hope to someday be as cool as you. You travel all over the world and if the humans don't constrain me too much I will be just like you. I'm a little frightened they will put me in a box until their next adventure. Any tips on discrete running away.

    Many Croaks,