Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I have one last post for the month of April. May I start by saying that this month went by very fast for me. It seems such a short time ago that I was eagerly awaiting my March statistics for this blog. Any way I figured I would hit on the wedding of the century as people have been calling it.

Several days a week I work in a news stand at the airport. The TVs are always on which is nice most of the time, but can be annoying after you hear the same five stories for the eighth time. Over the last month or so news has been building about the royal wedding and magazines have increasingly been featuring Kate and William. It has been kind of fun to see the development of the wedding, but I am glad that it has now happened so that there can be some new news stories, hopefully.

I didn't watch the wedding as I don't have TV and it aired at 2 am my time. I did watch some snippets online. I am a girl and a fairy tale wedding of a prince to a more common girl is almost every little girl's dream. I thought Kate's dress very beautiful and that the couple was fighting smiles as if it was inappropriate to smile during the ceremony. When the Archbishop of Canterbury started reading the reasons why people should and do get married I was transported back to one of my favorite stories. I didn't realize that the Church of England still used that particular service. In Pride and Prejudice when Fitzwilliam Darcy marries Elizabeth Bennet and Charles Bingly marries Jane Bennet the exact same passage is read. I was absolutely delighted. It was like watching one of my favorite stories come to life. I quoted the words in my head even as the Archbishop read them and I could hear the soundtrack playing in the background.

It has now been a day and a half that Kate Middleton has been a princess and has been imbued with the title Duchess of Cambridge. She might be a princess for real, but I think all women become princesses when they are loved. When a father, a boyfriend, a husband or another significant man in a woman's life treats her with love and devotion, she feels like a princess. The little girl in her is putting on a fluffy dress, spreading her arms, and twirling madly. Joyfully she proclaims, "I'm a princess!"
LACE BODICE photo | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton


  1. This may have been the "wedding of the century", but when one of my lovely young daughters gets married, I'm sure, it'll the be wedding of the century for me. [I married my wonderful wife in the last century!] Likely for me there'll be several "weddings of the century" in my family.

  2. Wasn't she just beautiful? That dress is exactly what I wanted for my wintry wedding, but couldn't find anywhere two years ago... if only we had gotten married this winter I'm sure it will be everywhere. Anyways, you're right, being in love is the perfect thing, and it makes you feel so special and "princessy"! However, I also am glad that the wedding is over and now we have more "important" things to focus on! :)