Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Artists

In my family we are artists. I love words and any artistry I have comes through writing. The others in my family paint and draw. This trend started nearly twenty years ago when my older sister began taking a painting class from a family friend. My mom made a comment about how she wish she could paint. The teacher challenged her "How do you know you can't paint unless you try." This began my mom's hobby. She mostly self taught herself and painted when she had time. There were many Saturday afternoons where the five of us engaged in some kind of art. I never had the patience for it. I was allowed to paint using acrylics. I always planned out my pictures and grew very frustrated when they didn't turn out like my mental picture.

Several years ago my mom started printing cards with her paintings on them. Now she has a blog site and posts some of her best work on Fine Art of America. My older sister mostly enjoys drawing. My little sister majored art in college and is making plans to pursue a masters in art. She writes about painting and posts her pictures on her blog. My dad also enjoys painting. He doesn't produce as much, but everything he does is detail oriented and looks great.

It is amazing to me how a comment made to my mom 20 years ago resulted in this artistic trend in my family. You never really know what effect your words will have. Your words could be the seeds that result in greatness in others.


  1. Sometimes I wonder how I have a family of artists. Each one in the family has more artistic talent, temprament, and tendencies than the average family; or at least so it seems. Whose the most artistic? I really couldn't say. Certainly your artistic talents lay in the crafting of words. But they certainly are strongly in the artistic catagory of expression.

    (For some reason I couldn't post this using my google account) Dad

  2. It is pretty amazing, that we all have an artistic bent of some kind. I'll look and see if I have a block on posting.