Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Running in the Rain

Running in the rain is an act that expresses joy. It is different than going for a run while it is raining. Some people go for a run for the fun of running. Most people who run do so to stay in shape or lose weight. Going for a run while it is raining is purposeful and is not the same as running in the rain.
Running in the rain is a spontaneous act. I may be at home going about my regular tasks when a clap of thunder and the sudden sound of fat rain drops splashing against the roof call me to the window. I look out at the rain showering the earth. It calls to me. It says, "Kristin, come out and play. Forget about the clothes you are folding or the paper you are writing and come outside. Come dance with me."
I open the door and peer out. The day is warm and a cold rain drop splats against my hand before I close the door. I kick off my socks, tie my hair back in a pony tail and venture out in the rain. Rain drops quickly soak into my clothes. I raise my face to the sky. My arms raise slowly, my fingers spread. Dipping my left arm I turn a slow circle. I bend the other way and start walking a giant C. Water saturates my hair and drips down my forehead. I lift my feet higher and break into a run. I weave in large S's dipping my arms like an airplane.
Down a dead end street I see a large puddle. I veer sharply to the right and run straight at the puddle. I plant both my feet and jump into the center of the puddle. Water splashes up my legs and sprays out from me. A chuckle slips out. Two small jumps take me to the outside of the puddle. I launch myself back in. I throw my head back and laugh. I play in the puddle for a while, but the rain beckons me on. I run down the street, circle around and come back.
Children stare at me from the dry windows of their houses, wishing they hadn't been prohibited from cavorting in the rain. An older couple sit towards the back of their porch, watch the storm. A large white dog lies at their feet. They look at me and smile. I wave to them enthusiastically and run on. The rhythm of the rain changes as the drops become smaller. A small patch of blue sky allows the sun to peek through. A rainbow glitters across the street. In front of my apartment I turn 3 quick circles, stare up at the sky for a minute and take a deep breath. The world smells washed clean. Thunder booms impotently in the distance. Water dripping from my clothes, I go back inside.
Running in the rain, is reveling in life. Rediscovering the joy that children exude. Jumping in puddles, flying like an airplane, laughing unrestrained. Running in the rain.

This picture brought to you from Shutterstock.


  1. May you never lose that spontaneity and joy!

  2. I love it Kristin! It made me feel like I was right there! Did it rain recently? Here it's been raining every day. At times I'm lucky enough to be "surprised" by rain on my walk; actually, sometimes I planned to be surprised! But yesterday I was just cold and tired, so didn't go out in it. How sad!

    The other day I when I was out in the rain, I had to cross the vado several blocks away. The run off was up to mid thigh! I even carried Buttons across.