Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Way of Kings

Several months ago I was working and noticed a book on the shelf from one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson. The cover depicted two men in armor facing each other across a chasm. The colors are striking. The picture seems to tell a story of adventure, mystery, and power. My anticipation grows when I read the title, The Way of Kings. I love saying it, my imagination perks up.

Quite a few weeks past before I got a chance to read this book. I brought it home and just looked at it. It was a fat book. I love fat books. I turned to the end just to see how many pages it had, 1007. I couldn't wait to read it, but the anticipation of reading the book is part of what makes reading so wonderful.
I won't tell you the story here, because you should read this book for yourself. Beware, it will draw you in and you will be a committed Sanderson fan and eagerly await every fat book he can write. When I finished reading The Way of Kings, I felt awed by the scope of the story and the writing skill. I am improving my writing skills and am working on developing a novel. I am reading now not only for enjoyment, but to improve my own craft. I felt small after reading this book, like a child trying to step in her fathers foot prints. I wonder if my writing skill can ever grab a reader and mesmerize him so that he can't put my book down. I aspire to write in a way that when people see my name they get excited and look at my website to see if I have any new books coming out.
I know at this point when my mom reads this she will tell me that she eagerly awaits the new things I write. Sorry mom, you are my mom and you are supposed to think like that. I appreciate your support and faith in my abilities because it is encouraging. 
There is so much creation that goes into writing a good story. I feel like the creatures I imagine are just elephants that are colored differently or cats that have a different name. I want to be able to come up with creatures that are not just a variation of our animals, but something all their own. I want my stories to be fresh and not a remake of great authors stories.
I feel humbled after reading The Way of Kings because of the long way I have to go to become a professional author. I feel challenged to step up my writing, to push myself beyond my current imaginary and technical skill levels. I will never write like Brandon Sanderson. I will never come up with stories like Anne Bishop. My stories will not have the passion of Francine Rivers. However, I will develop a flavor all my own. I'm not a Brandon Sanderson, but I am Kristin Riggs. And as I improve my skills, the writer who is Kristin Riggs will emerge with a style and strengths all her own.


  1. Go for it!!!
    Oops! Well, anyway I'll be the first to join your fan club.

  2. Hey Kristin. Your blog makes me want to read it. I wonder when I'll get a chance.

  3. It's a good book, you should if you get the chance