Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Devils and Teen Magazines

So unlike my normal philosophizing, I'm going to pose several questions for discussion. Just some thoughts that I had today and wonder what you all think. I haven't looked up any these so I have no extra knowledge about them.

First, why are devils often dressed in red? Red is often depicted as a color of passion and associated with anger. Red is also a Christmas color. Red is one of my favorite colors and in fact was my first favorite colors. If you feel like elaborating on your theory, why do devils carry pitchforks, have cloven hooves and have a forked tail?

Second, while at work I spent the day staring at magazines. In my immediate line of sight were magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, O etc. On the bottom shelf there was twist and several other teen girl magazines. So the adult women magazines are characterized by a single photo usually of a woman against a white background. Vanity Fair, however, has Robert Pattinson with an alligator on around his shoulders. The teen girl magazines are entirely covered with small pictures of teen celebrities with bubble windows saying things like "look who we caught kissing", but you can hardly read the words for the brightly colored photos. Why are teen magazines so different from adult magazines in style? Is it a developmental level, a preference, the dictates of media or perhaps the ADHD that is deemed so prevalent in our children?

So here are my musings of today. I would welcome your insights, guesses and actual knowledge. Maybe you can have an interesting conversation with the person you sit next to on the bus to work or have an opening conversation with that girl/boy that you like and you can ask their opinion. These questions really have many opportunities.

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