Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There are things I should be doing besides writing here. I have four or five chapters that I'm supposed to read before my class tonight. I haven't even started. It isn't just procrastinating that has drawn me to this blank screen to share with all of you my thoughts. It is mostly because I want to share with all of you my joy in packing.

My sister sent out an email saying that she is having a garage sale and packing. She is moving to Ecuador soon. It reminded me how very much I delight in putting things into boxes. There is something so wonderful and satisfying about having a hodgepodge of things and needing to fit them in a finite number of boxes, suitcases, bags etc. I feel so accomplished when everything finds its way into a box and not only finds its way, but has a place. I'm not great at jigsaw puzzles, but the 3D kind of puzzle called packing is so much fun. I also enjoy packing so much because it means I'm going some place. It may be the beginning of a new adventure, a vacation, going home, or moving to a new house. When I am going on a trip I have to discipline myself not to pack to soon. As the time grows closer I get more excited. When my older sister went off to college she started packing several weeks before we left. I grew up in Mexico and we were all going to the United States for the summer. I was going crazy because I couldn't pack my suitcase yet. My sister being the kind person she is set a pile of stuff before me and a box and set me loose. I choose to think that it was because she wanted to make me happy. So if you have a box to pack let me know. I will come and help you. Unpacking, however, is a different story. I don't like it. I like unearthing stuff that I haven't seen in a while. But putting things away. I don't like it. I have trouble putting my laundry away. 

Ok enough exulting in thoughts of packing and back to the real world of spending all evening in school.


  1. Letting you help me pack was to make you happy, but it also made me happy because it meant I got to do it with you.

  2. I do like taking packed things out and getting set up. That's satisfying to me and gives me a sense of belonging. But packing is a different story. Now we've lived in this house 17 or is it 18 years and I'm dreading the day we have to pack and move out. I've always been happy with the thought that the last great MOVE, I won't have to pack a thing! Everything is provided!

  3. Well packing after 18 years may not be that much fun. Crazy it has been that long. I only lived there 9 years. As long as we stick together we'll be ok, i can pack and you can unpack.

  4. Sounds good. I'll expect you to come down here whenever it is we pack up and leave. Ok?