Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knights in blue jump suits

I know I wrote just yesterday, but would like to share with you my lovely experience today.
I got off of work at two and took the shuttle to my car. I got in and reveled at the cool breeze and the warm car. As usual I paused at the gate to scan my parking card. The gate opened. My car stopped working. Yes, there I was stuck in the middle of the exit trying to get my car to start. The one car behind me gave up and found another exit. The next several hours were mostly a lot of waiting but spiced with several very nice people. One guy helped me push my car out of the way and stow it conveniently in a parking space. About that time the parking monitor people came by and called their helper truck. You see the airport is accommodating and has a truck that comes and gives you a jump or helps you with a flat etc... However, they couldn't help me. I was low on oil, which is no surprise as my car leaks it all over the place. I am banned from parking in my friends driveways because I leave a puddle behind. So what did I do next. I called my wonderful mechanic who takes very good care of me. He was busy, but put the ball in motion for my rescue.
 The parking truck guy came around after an hour or so to make sure I was OK and had a plan to get home. After three hours or so of dozing in my car my knights showed up driving a large white truck and a trailer. The fun was only just starting. It turns out that yes I was really low on oil, but that wasn't the problem. I believe they said my tining belt broke. I may have that wrong, I don't speak car very well. Then commenced the loading onto the trailer. They tried first winching it up from the front. The trailer they brought, however, had a very steep ramp and my car high centered. They backed it off and tried an approach from the back. My car is a Volvo, sedan style so the trunk was too long and the wheels couldn't reach the ramp. They pushed it back into the parking space and gave me a ride home. They have arranged for a real tow truck to come and get it and will let me know of further developments. Now all I have to figure out is how to get to work tomorrow, and if I can't to them with enough time so they can find someone else.

All of this charming story to say I appreciate mechanics who can help me out when I'm incapable of helping myself and to nice other people who looked out for me. I'm also very grateful that the belt didn't break when I was on the highway as that means I probably wouldn't be here writing this to you. Do you have an interesting car break down story?

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  1. Oh wow! Yes, it was nice that this happened in the parking lot where there were people to help you! Maybe it's time to get another car? May God supply your needs.