Friday, March 4, 2011

A Morning in the Thoughts of…

             I imagine that in each brain there is a fascinating thought process. Along with that process there is a unique view of the world which makes up the array of thoughts that goes through someone’s mind. I’m going to give you a peak at things that I notice. These thoughts aren’t grand epiphanies, they are regular, everyday, run of the mill thoughts. So if you inhabited my body for one day these are the sorts of things you would think about.
            When I woke up this morning I spent several minutes pondering if an element in my dream was real or not. You know how in dreams when you are being chased it feels like you are running through thick gooey caramel or when you are terrified and try to scream, you are unable to make a sound. Well in my dream I was desperately trying to be awake. I was walking around and talking, but I couldn’t open my eyes. I would force them open for a couple seconds, but couldn’t keep them open. Someone told me that she recognized the signs and it meant that I was going blind. It was rather strange. I lay in bed this morning wondering if that kind of thing ever really happens and feeling rather relieved that I wouldn’t have to see an optometrist to check my vision.
            I ate breakfast and started driving to the gym. As I drove along I contemplated the pattern in the red and green lights. This is a common thought process for me as I do my best to beat the light system. One street I think is timed against traffic heading east. Every other light is red. It is very frustrating to be sitting at a red light and watch the ones ahead turn to green because it means that as soon as I build up speed from my stop that light will also turn red. So I have finally learned to take the street right before it. On this street you almost always sale through on greens. Even if a red stops you, you can hit the wave of greens.
            At the gym I was doing some free weights. This section always intimidates me a little bit. Sometimes there are other women there, but usually it is a section dominated by muscle building men. I was standing up, facing a mirror so I could monitor my form. Just to the right and in front of me there was a man doing the same exercise I was. He was sitting down. His muscles were huge, not a nice huge, but a bulging vein borderline hulk huge. I was using a 12 lb weight and he was using a 100 lb weight. I was amused at the irony. He had to hoist the weight onto his shoulder, rest a second before lifting it behind is head. I wonder why he built himself to that level. Everyday life rarely calls for that level of strength. When would he decide he was strong enough? I think if it were possible he would build his muscles until aging stopped him. Would he end up being a saggy old guy with wobbly pieces of skin where his muscles used to be?
            This blog is already quite long, so I won’t take you through the rest of my day. I would like to hear what you think as you go through an ordinary day. What interesting places does your mind take you?


  1. man, with muscles this big as you described, we normally call them beef cakes in Singapore... hehe...

  2. Beef cakes would be a good description